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When Innovation Meets Sales and Marketing Excellence.

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Who and what is Blu Marble Marketing?

Blu Marble Marketing has entrenched themselves in the retail sector and have a firm understanding of how to sell, market and grow their client’s portfolios. We understand the pressures of taking a new product to market and all the obstacles that lead us to the door that finally opens. We pride ourselves on hard work and perseverance and treat our client’s products as if they were our own.

Solutions are what we create, not items, not products. Finding solutions to what so many people are battling with daily has become an absolute passion and by living it, we harness it and introduce it to the market with pride. Although we still have thousands of steps ahead of us, our focus is united, and we pledge to live and conduct business in that manner. An independent award-winning Company with a fresh and unique approach, we focus on helping brands tell the right stories, to the right people, at the right time. Driven by metrics and data, we’ll help you develop a unique and resonating brand narrative, no matter the platform.

“Our own flagship brand PluG-EeZ represents our passion for helping people live their lives without obstacles that we all take for granted daily.” Grant Hallet – Marketing Director

Strategy Services

  • Marketing Strategy
  • Brand Strategy
  • Online Strategy
  • Sales Strategy

Marketing Strategy

  • Situation Analysis
  • Objective Planning
  • Market Research
  • Promotional Planning

Brand Strategy

  • Brand Positioning
  • Core Message Development
  • Brand Manual Compilation
  • Brand Promotion

Sales Strategy

  • Sales Objective
  • Sales Activity Planning
  • Marketing and Sales Integration
When you partner your product or campaign with us, we will use our own unique processes to conceptualize, plan and execute your marketing and sales campaign.

Blu Marble Marketing strong brand focus in Southern Africa

  • Innovate your value proposition in the marketplace
  • Customize marketing plans into a local plan for a local market
  • Protect, grow and defend your market share
  • Focus on the agreed key drivers that affect your value growth (smarter marketing, value-added promotions, more display weeks and better display promotions)

We offer an innovative, integrated marketing communication solution, centered on marketing mix planning and execution.

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