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Blu Marble Marketing represents a team of driven individuals who live the product and the brands we manage and represent daily.

The Original PluG-EeZ

Republic of South Africa Design F2019/01049

PluG-EeZ is SABS Tested and conforms to all safety standards of a product of this nature and the use of it. Gone are the days where you as a parent are worried about your little one getting electrocuted by playing at the plugs. We found in our independent research that toddlers if they see and remove the plug, will be intrigued by the PluG-EeZ product rather than the wall plug due to its elasticity and toy-like feel. PluG-EeZ is designed to provide painless and effortless use to individuals who have physical or cognitive difficulties, impairments, and disabilities. PluG-EeZ is designed for use at Home, Hospitals, Government Offices, Retirement Villages, Schools and all other facilities/establishments where standard electrical 3 point plugs are regularly used. PluG-EeZ ensures the quick and safe removal of a plug when using power tools in case of an emergency.

Blu Marble Marketing (PTY) Ltd is very excited to launch this new product under the PluG-EeZ banner. PluG-EeZ is owned, marketed and manufactured in South Africa by Blu Marble Marketing (PTY) Ltd.

Snapper Plugs

Snapper plugs are an iconic South African household name synonymous with great quality and “old fashioned” reliability. Having been in the market for over forty years, the Snapper brand has stood the test of time. The Snapper range has been re-engineered to enhance its safety features, and we are proud of its heritage. All products are locally manufactured using only the best materials. Snapper products are stringently tested and comply with SABS specifications and regulations to ensure consumer safety. We strive to maintain the highest standards of quality through the use of state of the art technology, and advanced technical expertise. The Snapper Brand is now being associated with Blu Marble Marketing (PTY) Ltd. Blu Marble Marketing is also been appointed to market and sell the Snapper plug range and also have joined in partnership with Snapper to sell combo packs with the PluG-EeZ brand and Snapper brand in a combo pack.

AquaGlo and AquaFun Bottled Water

Water is of major importance to all living beings. Up to 60% of the adult human body consists of water. Water is sometimes regarded as the source of all life and we as a company understand and acknowledge what Life is all about by offering a product for human consumption of the highest quality. Blu Marble Marketing (PTY) Ltd is the marketing and sales company for AquaGlo (Still Water) and AquaFun (Flavoured Water. Available in 500ml, 750ml Flip Top, 1,5L and 5L. Blu Marble Marketing also handle House Brands for your business requirements.

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